Winter Getaways

Happy Thursday!

Last week we introduced you to our Road Trip series we’re kicking off here at the Pulse Style, and we wanted to take this week to introduce some travel destination ideas to put these road trip essential tips to use! I don’t know about you, but I’m itching to get away from this cold weather…somewhere much warmer would be nice! But then on the other side, I dream about staying in a cozy cabin, skiing down the mountains, hot tubbing in the evenings…ugh I can never make my mind up! So, if you’re anything like me and can never make your mind up, have no fear! We’ve come up with some INCREDIBLE winter getaway ideas for you!

Hit the Slopes

Vail, Colorado – nestled in the Copper Mountains of Colorado, is the iconic ski village of Vail. It has everything you could ever need! Ice skating, shopping, events, sledding, restaurants, hotels, cabins, all right at the base of the mountain. A family friendly place (that looks like you’re in Europe) where you can enjoy skiing during the day and can relax in a bubbling hot tub in the evening.

Banff, Canada – the vast country that is Canada offers a wide variety of winter trips that everyone could enjoy. Banff is a National Park that has a stunning, picturesque blue lake that makes for an iconic hiking trip, but it also has so much more to it than that! Skiing, carriage rides, shopping, caves, wildlife, etc. Just look at that picture and imagine skiing with those kind of views!

Obertauern, Austria – known for it’s skiing, the Austrian mountain villages offer an exciting ski resort getaway. You could stay on the mountains all day and ski right up to your hotel for lunch or dinner. Night skiing, igloos and water skiing are all offered for a great time.

Hit the Beach

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – white sand beaches, sparkling blue water, horsehides on the beach, delicious drinks and food – true paradise! Snorkeling, boat tours, nightlife, there’s a lot to see and do! The resorts offer luxurious relaxation accomodations where you can ease your mind and let time slip away from you.

Fiji – probably the ultimate getaway on this list…it’s far, far, far away – almost complete isolation for relaxation. Clear waters, plenty of resorts, soft sand beaches (including a pink beach!), boat excursions, etc. This is a place you want to go to escape the stresses everyday life.

Oahu, Hawaii – with sunshines and cool island breezes, it’d be hard not to feel all warm and happy inside here! The island offers so much activities to do for those who don’t want to spend 8 hours a day on the beach…like hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving, boat tours, Pearl Harbor museum, sky diving, Luau’s, horseback riding, etc. SO MUCH. But because it’s an island, anywhere you go, there’s a beach not too far away if you’re wanting to soak in some rays.


Cologne, Germany – the best known European Christmas market takes place here! Tons of petit châtlet stalls sell various souvenirs from hats to candles, food such as raclette, mulled wine and of course German strüdel. It is also home to the beautiful church Charlemagne attended. Take things easy by staying in a nearby cabin and exploring the culture through food and sights.

Rovaniemi, Finland – the “official” terrain of Santa Claus aka THE NORTH POLE, need I say more? Not only are there REAL reindeer, there’s plenty of snow to play in as well! Oh, and igloos. Because it is located so far north, you are able to see the Northern lights during the winter nights. A wonderful getaway in a true Winter Wonderland.

Anchorage, Alaska – If you can’t make it all the way to Finland to see the northern lights, Alaska is a great alternative! Check out the infamous dog mushing, ice fishing, skiing, and great railroad system! There’s also boat excursions for whale watching. Something for everyone and a unique getaway from the mainland of America.

Hopefully this inspires you to travel somewhere close to home or venture out to somewhere completely out of your comfort zone! Warm or chilly, either way there are some incredible vacation options to further explore.


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