Winter ’18 Goals

Good morning Pulse Babes!

With winter in full swing, we wanted to update and tweak our goals to this chilly season!

  1. Read more books – learning is an ongoing part of life and it’s good to practice grammar, learn something new or immerse yourself in your imagination
  2. Stay active – whether that’s in the form of walks, stretching, hitting the gym, swimming some laps, it’s vital to work out your muscles and heart to stay healthy
  3. Be social – it’s so easy to stay inside where it’s warm and snuggle up watching movies…but it can also leave you isolated at times. Going to plays, grabbing dinner with friends, bowling, anything outside your house will do you a lot of good!
  4. Give more – whether that be in the form of money or time, anyway that you can support others in need, especially during the winter months there tends to be a greater demand.
  5. Try new things – new food, new shows, new books, new routines, winter is a great time to shake things up and step outside your comfort zone.

Let us know what your goals are! 💙


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