What’s In My Carry-On/Tote?

Happy Thursday!

Today we’re giving you a look inside what we pack in our carry-on’s and totes. These are our absolute essentials when we’re up in the air!


  • Book/magazine – whether it’s a short flight or long flight, planes are a great time to brush up on some reading or relax with the latest magazine.
  • Earplugs/eye mask/earphones – depending on what time of day and how long a flight is, sleep can be crucial. Eye masks are great at blocking out the lights of a plane or if you’re flying through time zones, the actual sun! Ear plugs are fantastic at blocking out other passengers, or if you’re like me, I pop in my earphones and listen to white noise on my phone to lull myself to sleep.
  • Charger/electronics – I highly recommend investing in a portable charger so you’re not fighting over outlets while waiting at your gate to board. They’re perfect for on the go and even if you’re in a foreign country and don’t want to fuss with the different outlets/voltages. I often keep my tablet in my tote so I can download some movies to watch or music to listen to.
  • Water Bottle – once you’re past security, fill your water bottle up with some fresh water (avoiding the overpriced airport bottled water) to make sure you stay hydrated on the flight.
  • Snacks/gum – I’ll be the first to admit that I am a snack monster. I need to make sure I have ample snacks packed just in case hunger strikes me and for flights I make sure I have gum to chew during take off and landing to prevent my ears from popping.
  • Pills – sleeping pills, ibuprofen, lactiaid, probiotics, antibiotics . . . if you take any of those make sure you pack them and have them readily available if needed on on flight!
  • Kleenex – if yo do get sick while traveling, or even find yourself in a bathroom without toilet paper, Kleenex’s will be your best friend.
  • Tide-toGo – while traveling, it’s not as easy to launder on the go, so having this handy-dandy guy in my bag saves me big time!
  • Hand sanitizer – airports are notorious for carrying germs from all over the world…sorry to gross you out but it’s true! I ALWAYS carry hand sanitizer on me to prevent getting sick while traveling.
  • Chapstick – that recycled air is not friendly on the skin and lips (very drying), so chapstick is a must have.
  • Hairbrush – especially if it’s a long flight, my hair can get messy from sitting so long. My mini hairbrush comes in handy so I look fresh as a daisy upon a rrival.
  • Glasses – to make sure I don’t misplace my glasses on a trip, I make sure I keep them on me in my tote and if I want to rest my eyes and take my contacts out on a long flight (dry air).
  • Sunglasses – like glasses, I don’t want to lose my sunglasses and also want to be prepared for when I land if it’s sunny where I’m headed.


  • Umbrella – there’s nothing worse than forgetting to pack an umbrella and having to search for one upon arriving at your destination. Be prepared for anything, you never know what Mother Nature may throw at you!
  • Electronics – if I want to get some work done, I keep my laptop in my carry-on so it’s better protected in a hardshell suitcase.
  • Toiletries/makeup – in the chance I pack a check-in and it gets lost OR  if I’m solely taking a carry-on, I’m going to be really happy I kept my toiletries and makeup in my carry-on! This is when I breakout all my travel size items to pack.
  • Curling irons/blow dryers – some may consider these valuables, like myself, but I also see them as essentials in that if I’m packing a checked bag that gets lots, I want these babies to make sure my hair will be looking fab upon arrival at my destination.
  • Outfits – packing in solely a carry-on can be tricky, but your best bet is to pack pieces that can be worn many different ways creating multiple outfits. If you’re also packing a check-in, make sure you’re still packing a couple outfits in your carry-on in case your check-in gets lost, this way you won’t have to purchase new clothing.
  • Valuables – again, if a checked bag gets lost, you don’t want your valuables lost along with it. Keep your nice jewelry, purses, electronics, whatever it may be in your carry-on so it’s with you from beginning to end of your journey.

What do you pack in your tote and carry-on? Do you have any tips!? Leave a comment below and stay tuned for our upcoming travel posts, you won’t want to miss them!! Oh, and safe travels babes✈️


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