Spring Cleaning | Closet Clearout

It’s that time of year again!

Time to purge your closet of out-of-date and hardly worn items so that you can open up space and purchase new goodies 😉 Awhile back, we covered how to donate, repurpose and sell clothing items in this blog post. It has a wonderful diagram in choosing which items need to leave your closet once and for all. A lot of people tend to dedicate an entire day to commence the purging, but sometimes it’s best to pick it a part one section at a time. Starting with tops, then bottoms, then shoes, etc. Using the information from the previous blog post, categorizing piles into donate, repurpose and sell will make your life a whole lot easier! Spring cleaning isn’t something that’s just for your closet, it’s a practice that can be applied to multiple areas of your life. Does your kitchen need to be decluttered? What about your garage? Do some people need to be cut loose from your life? What about some bad habits? It’s spring, meaning it’s the season of new life and new beginnings. You don’t just need a New Year to start over, springtime is also a great time to start over fresh. What are some ways you practice spring cleaning? If you do it yearly, don’t you agree it’s one of the most refreshing things you could do in your life? Let us know below! 🤗


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