Road Trip Essentials: Snacks

Happy Thursday!

Welcome to our final installment of our Road Trip Essentials series. We’ve covered the basics, the music playlists, the must-read books and today we’re going over the must-have snacks!! Probably in a tie with music for the most important essential😉 We’re breaking these snacks into a couple categories and one thing to keep in mind, it snacks that can be individually packaged, don’t make a mess easily and are of course, yummy!


  • Nuts – cashew, peanut, almonds, sunflower seeds (I know they’re not a nut!)
  • Chips – sour cream and onion, blue chips, Pringles, sweet potato chips, goldfish
  • Trail mix – perfect combo of salty and sweet
  • Granola bars – Nature Valley, Sunbelt Bakery, Rx bar
  • Popcorn (premade)


  • Candy – twirlers, watermelon patch, chocolate,
  • Fruit – grapes, apples, bananas, tangerines, fruit chips
  • Brownie Brittle, oatmeal cream pies, cookies


  • Water – gotta stay hydrated!
  • Caffeine – coffee, energy drinks, tea

What are your go-to road trip snacks? We hope you enjoyed this essentials series and stay tuned for our January “Versus” series!🚙


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