Road Trip Essentials

Hello Pulse babes!!

We’re super excited to introduce a new series installment – Road Trip Essentials. In this series we’ll go in depth about music, book, podcast and snack recommendations. Today though, we’re going to go over the other road trip essentials. 😊

Friends and/or family 

What is a solo road trip?? Not as fun that’s what! To have a proper, ~fun~ road trip, you need additional people joining you! Friends are a great option and family members can be solid picks as well.


This one goes without saying, you need some sort of wheels to get around – a van, and RV, sedan, SUV, whatever floats your boat.

Destination (optional)

Most usually have a destination or route in mind, but you could also hop in the car and drive with no set place in mind and see where you wind up.

Navigation (optional)

I for one would be so so so lost without the GPS on my phone. I’ve gotten better but can sometimes be directionally challenged and prefer the security of a navigation system. Or you could rock it old school and use an actual map🤯 haha or you know, just drive and follow some signs and see where you end up. Your preference!


In the event anything should happen, be prepared. Spare tire, jumper cables, first aid kit, blankets, food supply, reflective vest, charging cords for devices, Road Side Assistance, etc.

These are just some basic necessities and in the month of December we’ll be going over more essentials! Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below!🚙


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