The most recognizable feature of this type of figure is a lack of curves. Your rectangle body, also known as a boyish or straight (and even athletic) type, will have a little-to-no defined waistline. Your hips may be slightly narrower than your shoulders, and your bust and bum will be on the smaller side. But like an hourglass figure, your body is balanced on both ends—minus the curves, of course. That said, a few styling tricks can easily create the illusion of curves.Lucky for you, a slender straight body type allows you to wear nearly any type of clothing (which means your options are endless!). That said, the goal of dressing for a rectangular body shape is to create the illusion of an hourglass figure, so you’re going to want to avoid anything shapeless. Steer clear of baggier items like t-shirts and tank dresses, as well as anything that’s overly voluminous – they’ll overwhelm your frame.

Now that you know what to avoid, read on to see the styles to keep an eye out for the next time you’re shopping at Pulse!


DO – halter and racerback style| pockets around the bust | scoop and round necklines | strapless anything

DON’T –  vertical stripes | square neckline


DO – medium rise | a-line skirt | skinny jeans | leggings | structured trouser | bootcut jeans

DON’T – baggy cuts | wide flares | high waisted


Jackets – peacoat | duster | bomber jacket | flowy outerwear


DO – strapless | halter style |

DON’T  – maxi style | high neckline

TIP:The key to dressing an athletic or rectangular shape is to balance your broad upper half by accentuating your legs and other curves.  It’s all about remembering the athletic shape rule of thumb: Keep the volume on top or bottom. If you go for an oversized top shape, keep the bottom skinny or structured. With a more form-fitting top, pick a breezy or more oversized pant style.