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Welcome to Pulse Style ladies! We LOVE fashion, and I think it’s safe to say, you do too! We are here to give you everything you could need & more when it comes to styling your favorite Pulse fashion wear. Between the latest fashion hacks, tips, and the style guide- we’ve got you covered! We want to make your life easier, and with Pulse Style, we will do just that. I have curated our style guide to give you inspiration on outfits combinations for all of our new arrivals, and tips for styling our pieces as well.

Each week I will be showcasing my favorite outfits, and answering any questions you guys have!

Let’s admit it, if you look good, you most likely feel good. Not to sound cliche, but the right outfit can turn your mood around real quick. I’m often asked how I would style different things, or what my favorites are on the site right now, so I will include all of these topics and more on the page! <3 Stay tuned for more!!

Now, to tell you a little bit more about the face behind Pulse Style, I’m Kenzie, the editor! You may recognize me from the website, (The Pulse Boutique). I am Mallory’s (our CEO) younger sister and mother to the youngest Pulse Squad member, Finley Rae.

Being a mother has definitely changed a LOT in my life, but for the most part I am still able to rock my favorite Pulse styles. (assuming I don’t get thrown up on first! haha)

Fresh cut flowers, early mornings filled with caffeine & baby Fin snuggles, are where a lot of my inspiration came from for the Blog. I am really excited to connect with you guys on a more personal level, & share our love of fashion!

One thing I have learned, especially from being a mom, is that life is too short (and busy!) to spend lots of time figuring out what to wear & that’s what Pulse Style is for!

I am so excited to share all of this with you, so I hope you enjoy &  let us know if there is anything you would love to see on the page! <3


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