Pulse Story: How it Began

Happy Monday fam!

With the beginning of the new year, this Monday we want to take you back in time, a little over 4 years ago to be exact, to the beginning of The Pulse Boutique.

It all started . . . with the simple intentions of selling jewelry and accessories at rodeos and cattle shows. After a few months I took a leap of faith and purchased our first round of clothing. Next, came a website to market the clothes on. Nothing fancy, but it was a start.

My ‘warehouse’ was in my parents basement and I worked a full time job to pay my student loans. Evenings consisted of recruiting my mom and sister to pack orders while I updated the website with new arrivals. With lots of faith, love and trust in God I was able to quit my job and focus solely on growing the little boutique. We were then able to move into our own warehouse! In August, we outgrew that space, and as you know we recently moved into a bigger warehouse that will hopefully call home for a while. It’s been an exciting journey and we are so thankful to have all of your love and support! Bigger things are coming for The Pulse Boutique, that’s for sure💕


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