Pulse Babe: Moriah Morgan

Hey ladies! This week to kick off our “pulse babe of the week”, we chose one of our gals here at the shop to really tell us about why SHE is a pulse babe. I am so excited to share Moriah’s story with you & I hope you ladies enjoy! It is so interesting to see how different girls rock their pulse style.


M oriah Morgan, 24  
Pulse Babe since 2015

Student / Masters of Anthropology 
Ames, Iowa
Height: 5’2″
Top: Small // Bottom: 5 // Dress: Small


What is an ordinary day like for you?

A normal day for me is being constantly on the run. I really love to be busy and get excited about new projects so I’m ALWAYS busy. In the morning I make some coffee and head into pella, rocking out or catching an audio book 🙂 Once at the boutique I might be doing anything from customer service or packing orders to playing hairdresser. Generally I rush back home for hapkido practice or softball. Oh and eventually I get some sleep if I’m lucky 😉

What is your favorite part of your day?

T hat first sip of coffee 😉 That’s not even a fair question! It changes everyday

So, tell us, why do you love Pulse?

F or one thing, everything is SOOO soft. I can’t pass up something that is cute and soft <3 Honestly, I didn’t wear much floral until I started working at the Pulse so being here and getting a chance to see all the beautiful prints has expanded my appreciating to include things I might never have worn before. Since I do like so many different styles, I also really love that the boutique has a little bit of everything. I can easily go from sassy to sweet. And of course I can’t go without mentioning the other girls that work here who are always supportive and amazing… even if they are shopping enablers 😉 *cough cough Abby*

How does Pulse help you style your everyday?

I can’t think of anything I love more than a pulled together outfit that looks effortless. Pulse clothes have helped my wardrobe hit that level. When my shoes match my cardigan or my shirt accents the shade of my shorts, everything is perfect!

What is your favorite item you have gotten from Pulse?

A lso a tough question… this is obviously going to change all the time. Since I really like to rock “sleek business casual” I’m really into my strappy mauve tank top. The design of the straps adds an eye catching, cute element while the rich material and color make any outfit seem more sophisticated.

What item do you currently have your eyes set on, now that you have a $25 gift card?

T his is really difficult for me, I love soooo much stuff on Pulse! BUT I have had my eye on the black version of the “Secret Love” dress, or the new Navy Floral off the shoulder maxi!

Can we follow you on Instagram and keep up with your #PulseStyle?

O f course! You can follow me at @moriahrosemorgan








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