Pre-planned vs. Planning it yourself

We’re back with our versus series this week! Yipee! Today we’re battling two very different ways to go about planning a trip. Either you plan it out yourself or not at all 🤣 Let’s dive in, shall we!?

Pre-planned trips are perfect if you haven’t had previous experience yourself planning a trip or if you simply don’t have the time or desire to plan out your next vacation. You could go through a travel agent or head to the incredible inter web to find some deals! There often times tends to be a number of various options per trip, such as length of days, number of towns/islands/monuments to visit amongst other factors. You can certainly book trips for just you and your other travel companions or you can book trips where you are in a group with other travelers and a tour guide. That can be a great way to learn more about the place you are visiting as well as meet new people! It’s a great option to have a peace-of-mind about having all the details planned out while you just show up and enjoy.

On the other hand, planning your own trip can allow you to customize every single thing. You get the ultimate say in where you stay, what you’ll see and do, where you’ll eat, how long you’ll be there and who you want to travel with. It certainly takes more time and paying attention to detail, but it can be extremely rewarding in the end. You can always book a tour guide for certain things such as a tour of the Great Pyramids or whatever it may be! You also don’t have to plan it completely on your own…work with others who are accompanying you on the trip, ask for tips and resources from people who have been to that place before you! Soon enough, it’ll all start to come together. Just keep track of the important info, flights, dates, reservations, etc. to stay on top of things!

Try doing one or the other at some point in your life just to get a feel for what you prefer! It’s all a learning process, but what matters most is that you’re getting out there and seeing places! Have you gone a group tour before? Or do you prefer to take matters into your own hands? Leave a comment below 😄


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