New Year, New Me, New Wardrobe


What a blessing it is to have gained another year on this earth, am I right? Like a lot of people, we tend to shift gears with the turn of a new year, wanting to improve, make changes or even start over. That can very much be a beautiful thing! With the new year, we want to use that as a catalyst for us to continue self development and round our edges a little more. That can look different for each individual as we are all unique…for some it could be picking up new habits or dropping old ones. It could be trying something new, aiming for higher goals, changing ones mindset…you get the picture. Imagine how much you can accomplish if you took initiative to implement you goals each and everyday for 365 days…you’d certainly be different than where you were a year previously! That can be a scary though, but also SO empowering!! You can do whatever you put your mind to, truly.

Now this wouldn’t be a boutique blog if we didn’t talk about fashion at least some of the time… 😉 We all know there’s spring cleaning or fall clear-out, but we should also touch on New Years revamp. It’s the perfect time of year to update your existing wardrobe. Think about how you want to present yourself this year to pair with your “new self” or rather “new self in the works”. Does that include new shoes? Or a special dress that makes you feel your best? Find pieces that you feel comfortable in, but also make you walk with your head a little higher like you could conquer the world…because you CAN.

What ways you are trying to raise the bar for yourself this year? What pieces in your wardrobe make you feel like a million bucks? Start with that and rise from there! You got this superstars 🌟


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