New Arrivals That Can’t Be Missed!!

Today we have some absolutely adorable stuff going live! Another color in the vest that was so popular, and the cream sweater that everyone has been asking about!

First is this incredibly perfect basic that everyone needs! This cream sweater was pretty much the most screenshotted item on our photo shoot snapchat!! It is so cute and I love how there are so many ways you can pair it!! It has a very soft feel to it, and is a little more on the relaxed side. It is so flattering though with two slits on the side, and also the back is a little longer than the front which is awesome for leggings (if you are shorter) and I just like the coverage.

I styled it by tucking in the front part to these jeans, and then I also added a cuff to the sleeves to add my own little twist to it. The sleeves were a tiny bit shorter on me, so that helped as well. It looks great both ways! Cream is such a fall basic. This scarf and this scarf looked so cute, but it really makes the perfect outfit if you pair these boots too because the colors blend so well. This one is going to go fast!!

The next two scarves are seriously so cute! I loved both of those colors. The first one has more of a warm color palette, and the other one has more of a girly pink & purple vibe! The Setting Sun Table Scarf can be worn as pictured below, or you can wrap the long side around again to take off some length. It has so many colors in it that it will be able to work with so many other fall peices we are getting in!

The purple toned scarf is actually a poncho, but I wore it as a table runner style scarf and just used the pockets to put my hands in the front. You can wear it either way! Love the versatility.

Next is the olive version of the vest that we have sold soooo many of!! I really liked how this vest fit. I don’t like when they have a super stiff boxy shape to them- and this one was just the opposite! It is super soft, and has great shape for a vest. I also really like that there are drawstrings so it can be more of a fitted look if you prefer. It was not very heavy either, but had a good weight to it. Pretty much perfect. We are getting more of the white long sleeve layering button top in so if you were wanting one- keep stalking the site!! We paired it with these jeans.

This top is also now available in olive and it is such a pretty olive too!!! ♥  This top is so perfect for those who want something lightweight, but still with some arm coverage! It has a more textured, polyester feel to it. (it’s 100% poly) It did not have a lot of stretch, so if you were in between sizes I would recommend going up if you wanted more room! We paired it with a white cami since it is sheer. I loved pairing these jeans, and also these. SO cute!! ♥

Next is this denim dress that I personally love! It has a nice constructed feel to it, (didn’t have a whole lot of stretch at all) and I really like that it had the option to pull it together with the drawstring in the middle! I paired it with this scarf that also went live today, and tall boots. (more coming very soon!!!) The length was perfect on me too, it was slightly longer in the back. If you were bigger in the bust, I would recommend going up a size!!

Also, you don’t need to wear an undershirt, but you could wear our layering tank dress to go underneath if you wanted to make sure the buttons didn’t gap! It would even be cute opened up some with that tank dress showing and then you can pair that scarf with it as well! Despite feeling more constructed and great quality, it is really really soft ♥


Also we just had a restock of the Don’t Be Shy tanks in grey!! These always go fast so be sure to snag your size!



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