Monday Morning Style

Morning! We are all bustling around here at the warehouse trying to get orders packed, & new inventory checked in, while prepping for a live video as well! We are so excited for some of the new stuff that is coming in this week! So much cuteness to come.

Speaking of cute- todays new arrivals are pretty much amazing. I am a huge fan of soft earth tones, so these pieces were right up my alley. 🙂

The first piece is the sage version of the super slimmer pants! The light pink version of these went like hot cakes! (sorry-food on the brain) They are really comfy & us girls here at the boutique did think that they gave good shape 🙂 I did notice on the pair that I tried on that they were a little snug around the ankles, where they pull over your heels, but once they got past there they were just fine. I felt like they ran a little snug, but I am sure they stretch some as you wear them. Another gal here at the boutique tried on her normal size & they fit her like normal. If you were in between sizes though, I would probably suggest you go with the greater size. Keep in mind that they are a high rise too!!

I also really like these pants because they are pretty much able to be worn year round. They can be cuffed & paired with sandals for right now, or worn in some tall riding boots for a fresh early fall look. The price point for these is $39.95.

Also we paired these shoes to keep the flow of neutral tones in this outfit! I also think these slides would be super cute as well! (especially with this next top) 

Last year we had the top “Ruffle My Feathers” that we just could not keep in stock! It always sold out. So when we saw this variation of it, we knew we had to get it. This top is perfect for any event, and has such a fun, feminine look to it. I love the ruffle details at the top and bottom. It fit very true to size, and was not tight in any way! I also really liked that it wasn’t clingy in the midsection. It had some stretch, but not just a ton. Pairs perfect with the shoes I mentioned above! 🙂

As for what to wear underneath, I just wore the same nude bra, & that worked perfect because you could hardly see it and the sides came out far enough that it stayed hidden for the majority of the time. It has an inner lining, but I would only stick to neutral tones for your undergarment, because it is just barely visible. This cutie is $32.95 & I have a feeling it will go fast!

Next is this strappy little adorable floral knot tank!! This one was probably my favorite out of todays new arrivals! It is so lightweight and perfect for any summer night. Sadly the straps are not adjustable, but a couple of us girls tried it on and they were just fine. I would not recommend this tank for anyone over 5’6 I would estimate, (depending on whether you have a long torso or not) since the tank runs a little shorter. I wouldn’t want it to show any stomach! Abby who is 5’2 tried it on as well, and the length was perfect for her as well.

For underneath, either a nude bra if you don’t mind the straps showing, or a strapless bra would be even better. If you weren’t comfortable with ether one of those, this would be a perfect lightweight tank to wear under a jean jacket so all straps were hidden. If you were in between sizes, I would probably recommend going up just to be safe.


Lastly is this very comfy, casual & sweet black lace shoulder top!! This top is perfect for those ladies looking to add a little flair to their work attire. It does run pretty long, so if you are shorter than 5’5 I think it would be too long, so you would just need to either knot it, or tuck in the front. This top would be great for those gals who struggle with shirts being too short! It was a little bit of a thinner shirt, but I only wore a nude bra underneath and it was fine 🙂 If you were in between sizes I would suggest ordering a size down!

It’s such a nice staple top that it can be worn with any pair of jeans, just add a cute necklace & you’re set!

Well I hope all of this helped! <3 Happy shopping & have a great rest of your Monday!




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