Lazy Girl Guide

Happy Saturday!

We understand that you babes are busy with school, jobs, kids, just life in general! I for one am guilty of being lazy . . . hitting snooze 2 or 5 times, holding off to do laundry for a couple weeks and ordering take away a few too many times rather than cooking a fresh meal. It happens🤷🏼‍♀️

So we gathered some tips for all you lazy girls out there! Those of you who have your life together, carry on with you day.


  1. Lay out your clothes the night before – throw them on on your way out the door!
  2. Invest in basic pieces – can easily mix and match multiple ways


  1. Meal prep for the week on Sunday – protein, carbs, fruits and veggies!
  2. Pack lunches the night before – snacks, salad, sandwich, drink, etc.


  1. Curate your 5 minute makeup look – foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, mascara, powder, done!
  2. Shower the night before and braid damp hair = beach waves the next day

Health & Wellness

  1. Plan out your weekly workouts – morning walk here, 30 minute class there
  2. Set a chunk of time each week to pamper yourself – reading, bible study, bubble bath, paint your nails or take a nap!

As you can tell, a little pre-planning ahead of time makes on-the-go life run a little smoother. Do you have any lazy girl hacks to share? Please let us know💕


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