Layering 101

Happy Wednesday!

Today we are excited to breakdown the ins and outs of layering – as a general guide, keep the number three in mind. To begin, start with your core pieces – a pair of bottoms and a top such as a basic v-neck.

Option one

1. Add your first layer such as long sleeve top

2. Continue building by adding a sweater

3. Top it off with a jacket or vest for optimal warmth

Option two

1. Add a button down over a plain t-shirt

2. Throw a sweater on top

3. Finish it with a sleek jacket or vest

Option three

1. Start with a plain top

2. Continue building by adding am unbuttoned chambray or plaid top

3. Add a cardigan overtop

4. BONUS! Throw a scarf around your neck to tie it all together

The best place to start is with the basic pieces and slowly start adding layer by layer. Keep in mind you can always strip layers off as the day warms up or add more layers as the day gets cooler. Besides layering clothing, one can layer jewelry, socks and bottoms as well!


  1. Start with a dainty chain about 14″-16″ in length
  2. Next add a longer chain (or statement piece), about 18″-20″
  3. Top if off with a longer chain (or pendant) about 24″-30″

You don’t need to add all three necklaces, you could stop at two. Play around and see what looks best! Like necklaces, stick to about 3 bracelets at one time . . . all dainty, or two dainty and one statement, just have fun with arm candy!


  1. Start with a simple pair of ankle socks
  2. Slip on a pair of crew  or calf-length socks
  3. OPTIONAL! If wearing boots, top it off with boot sock toppers for maximal warmth

If it’s really chilly out, slip some leggings underneath some pants!


  1. Slip a pair of plain leggings on
  2. OPTIONAL! Instead of plain leggings, put fleece-lined leggings on for maximal warmth
  3. Step into a pair of jeans or sweatpants

There you have it! Some fundamentals for layering and hopefully a few tips and tricks. What are some of your layering techniques? Let us know below☺️


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