How-To: Winter Skincare

Happy Saturday Pulse Fam!

Today were going deep – skin deep. The winter months can have horrible affects on ones skin causing dryness, redness, amongst other things. We are by no means dermatologists or professionals, these are simply some tips and suggestions!

Moisturizer: most everyone should be moisturizing daily – you’re skin needs to drink up all that hydration!

Face/sheet mask: there are tons of different kinds of face masks out there, and no not all clay. There are hydrating ones as well such as the Fresh Rose face mask from Sephora 👌🏽 #notsponsored

Oils & Serums: contrary to belief some oils can do wonders for your skin and will keep you skin quenched for hours. Serums are also great to keep give that deep treatment transforming your skin.

Eye Cream: your under eyes are the most sensitive skin on your body and will show dryness the quickest. A hydrating under eye cream will solve that.

What else do you guys do to help your skin during the winter months? Let us know in the comments below! 🧖🏼‍♀️


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