How To: Transition Summer Pieces into Fall

Happy Saturday Pulse Babes!!

For this how-to, we want to go over ways you can transition your wardrobe from summer to fall. I’m sure most of you have noticed (at least if you’re based in the midwest), that the mornings are chilly but the afternoons are warm. The key to tackling this is . . . layering! We’ll go over a few examples and styling ideas.

  1. Shorts. They’re the easiest thing to throw on in the summer and can actually be perfect the first two months of fall. A way to transition shorts is wearing a sweater, cardigan or any kind of long sleeve on top. They balance each other out! Top it off by accessorizing with a floppy hat and a pair of ankle booties. The other most common way to transition shorts to fall is to switch them out for a pair of blue jeans.

  1. Layers. Add a vest, cardigan, a scarf or a plaid top to any outfit. It will not only keep you warmer, but will also transform any outfit to an autumn aesthetic. The best part about layering is being warm when it’s chilly in the morning, but able to strip a layer to cool off when it warms up in the afternoon.



  1. Rompers/Dresses. Who else loves rompers us much as us!? I’m a one-and-done kinda gal so I love rompers and dresses as it takes less effort to curate and outfit. Transitioning rompers and dresses isn’t as hard as one may think. If you have a sleeveless romper, add a jacket or cardigan and slide on some ankle booties. Like dresses, wear a long-sleeved romper and . . . that’s it! 

  1. Tank tops/Short-sleeves. Like shorts, you’re going to want to balance things out with the tank top by wearing long pants or denim. Another great addition is adding a jacket or cardigan depending on the weather. 

  1. Shoes. Switching out sandals for booties and flip flops for riding boots will instantly transform your outfit from summer vibes to fall aesthetics.

There you have it, 5 tips for transitioning your wardrobe pieces! What are some tips you guys have? Leave a comment below 🙂


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