How-to: Take Pictures

Happy Saturday!

This weekend we wanted to roll out a new how-to series focused all around pictures! Here at the Pulse we are taking pictures daily Not just for the website, but for Snapchat, Instagram and of course our Facebook page. We have learned a thing or two in the process and have a bunch of tips and tricks to share with you all!

  1. Lighting is everything. If possible, make sure you’re in natural lighting (face a window if inside) because poor lighting and shadows can ruin photos. Overcast weather usually shows colors the truest, however some people opt for golden hour for more warmth. If you are wanting more professional photos with optimal lighting, investing in studio or ring lights is a great option! We use them everyday to make sure our customers can see the color and texture of the shirt in the best lighting possible.
  2. What camera you use affects how the picture turns out. We use a professional camera when shooting our product pictures for our website. We do that because our images will be of higher resolution and will look more crisp to everyone shopping our webpage. We want our images to be of high quality so our customers can get a good idea of what the product truly looks like. On the other hand, if you are just posting on social media and aren’t too concerned about quality, iPhone pictures work just fine! The newer models actually have great cameras that have features like portrait mode to make them look more professional.
  3. Having a vision for what kind of shot or picture you want will help make sure you get what you want. Are you wanting it taken vertical or horizontal? Close up or far away? Right-side up or up-side down? You get the picture! (See what I did there!? 😉)
  4. Options of photos will increase the chances of you getting the perfect shot you have in mind, so take multiple shots! You can even hold down the capture button to take a burst of photos which is comes in handy for action shots.
  5. Have fun. Yes you want to take these tips into account (if you want to), but you also need to have fun with it! It comes out in the pictures when you are just enjoying yourself and living in the moment. Sometimes, pictures turn out even better when you’re NOT trying so hard!

That’s it for this weeks tips, but be sure to come back next week – we have an exciting guest blogger returning who is going to share all her tips and tricks 🤩


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