How-To: Style Scarves

Happy Saturday!

As we  covered how to style hats last weekend, this week we wanted to go over the ways you can style scarves! Scarves are wonderful because they keep you SO warm and at least for me, make it look like I tried a lot harder on my outfit than I actually did😏 There are many different kind of scarves as well, from blanket to infinity, it calls for different styling ideas. We’ve broken it down into each type of scarf and then the different ways to style each type.

Infinity scarf

Single loop – pretty straight-forward technique as you simply loop it around your neck

Blanket scarf

Wrap around – chunky and cute, this technique will keep not only keep your neck warm, but your chest as well!

Hanging flat – hanging flat looks very chic and great for the days that are crisp and not too chilly. When jacket is zipped up, it keeps your neck, chest and stomach warm as well (my favorite way to wear a scarf for all-around warmth!)

Square scarf

Tied-up – tied-up positioned off to the side looks adorable and adds a certain little flair to any outfit

Hair embellishment – wrapped around a pony or around your head, it creates a simple yet stand-out accessory to your overall look

Rectangle scarf

Knot – typical and classic, everyone should know how to tie a scarf in a simple knot

Quilted – with a loop on one end and two tails on the other, string one tail through the loop and the other tail over the loop

Over-the-shoulder – timeless and carefree, with the scarf hanging flat, through one tail over the should

What are some ways you style scarves? Let us know in the comments below!🧣


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