How To: Pack a Suitcase


We’re so excited to share our tips and tricks of packing a suitcase to optimize space, save time and protect your items!

First things first, what suitcase to use? I personally love four-wheel suitcases as you can roll them upright alongside you instead of dragging it behind. It’s also great for stacking your purse upright on top of it. I also like that this suitcase is a light-weight hard shell and isn’t bulky with pockets or a bunch of zippers on the outside. The shell protects well and it’s light weight outside allows for you to pack more items (being under weight limit) on the inside.

Now that you have a suitcase, how are we going to pack our items? There are a couple great options to use – vacuum sealed bags and packing cubes. Vacuum sealed bags are great for condensing bulky items such as sweater and jackets, but can also be a great way to roll a bunch of clothes in the bag and shrink it really thin. Packing cubes are wonderful as it organizes your items conveniently. Some people prefer to utilize cubes by category or by pre-selected outfits. The cubes make it easy to pack inside the suitcase without the clutter. I know some people prefer to not use either of those methods, which is totally fine! A tip for that then, is to roll your clothes as it will save space which is crucial!

But what about all the other stuff!? I’m glad you asked 🙂 I personally have more shoes than anyone should, so narrowing down which ones to bring it quite difficult. So, in order to allow myself options on a trip, I suggest packing them “ying/yang” style as I like to call it, as they fit together perfectly and don’t take up as much space. Along the same lines, make sure you pack shoes at the bottom of the suitcase and near the wheels if possible. Some people like to pack shoes inside grocery bags as to not dirty any other garments. Shoes are also a great way to maximize their open/empty spaces by stuffing underwear or socks inside of them!

And liquids? Ziplocks, ziplock, ziplocks. Take it from me, you DON’T want to risk liquids exploding or breaking and spilling all over your garments . . . that’s where the ziplocks come in and protect your garments as well as contain spillage in the event that occurs. Only pack liquids that are full-size in your check-in bag and keep your toiletries in your carry-on. You can check out our What’s In My Carry-On/Tote post on how we pack toiletries!


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