How-To: Host a Holiday Party

Happy Saturday Pulse Fam!

With the holiday season in full swing, there’s not doubt there’s an abundance of holiday parties going on! So, we wanted to provide a fun little how-to on hosting an amazing, festive party!

First things first (I’m the realest lol), no but seriously you first want to have an idea of how many people/who you want to invite to your soiree. With a number in mind, it’ll give you a better grasp on what activities you can do and of course how much food and drinks will be needed. Secondly, you’ll want to narrow down what kind of party you want to host. White Elephant gift exchange? Crafty party? Charity event? Cocktails? Caroling? Potluck? Formal dinner? Even a movie night!? Or the classic Ugly Sweater Party. The options are endless! Thirdly, you’ll want to create the perfect ambiance for the occasion and party of choice. Stringed lights, lit (it’s LIT) candles, stockings hung, tinseled-out Christmas tree or a beautifully displayed Menorah. Decked halls. Michael Bublé singing in the background. The smell of warm sugar cookies coming out of the oven. If you can make it snow outside, that’d be amazing too. Hahaha. Whatever you think will put people in the holiday spirits and bring a smile to their face with a fuzzy feeling in their heart.

Too sentimental? Oh well! Lastly, simply have fun, don’t stress and remember the real reason for the season – whatever that may mean to you ☃️ We hope you all have the most amazing holiday parties (and feel free to invite us!!) ♥️


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