How To: Edit Pictures

Happy Saturday!

A few weeks ago when we kicked off our photo series, we went over how to take pictures. Last week, Mackenzie went over some modeling tips. This is our final installment of this series and had to end it with how to edit pictures! There are a number of different ways to go about it and it’s truly a personal preference on the desired look. Skill levels of editing come into play if you’re working with more professional editing systems and with that comes comfort levels working with such systems.

  1. Camera Roll – if you have an iPhone or Android, you can edit it right in your camera roll by adjusting the lighting, saturation, tones and they even offer a few filters to choose from!
  2. Instagram – the original place for filters and editing! They’ve added more filters and features throughout the years and a quick, easy option!
  3. Editing apps – there a tons to choose from, such as VSCO, Afterlight, and Adobe Lightroom (for smart phone) amongst so many others! They offer even more filters, adjustment tool for exposure, etc. and even some fun features such as light streaks or dusty marks.
  4. Adobe Lightroom (desktop) – most widely used by professional photographers and bloggers alike, this one typically takes more advanced understanding on how to use, but nothing google can’t teach you! Often times, bloggers or influencers will sell “presets” which can be used in conjunction with Lightroom. Think of them as really nice filters! The nice thing about that is since Lightroom doesn’t come with filters as you make your own, so purchasing presets from someone other source allows you to have that preset/filter readily available to apply to your photo as soon as you upload it to Lightroom.

You could even use all 4 options if you wanted! I sometimes do 😅 Editing can be a fun part of the process, especially when you start to get a hang of things! What is your editing process? I’m always curious about how people choose to do it! Let us know in the comments below 📸


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