How-To: Donate | Repurpose | Sell

Happy Saturday Pulse Babes!

For this how-to we’re going over ways you can donate, repurpose and sell your used clothing.

  1. How to Weed out Your Closet – by following this handy diagram below!
  2. Now that you have a lovely pile that won’t be making it’s way back into your closet, you have 3 options: Donate, Repurpose, Sell.
  3. Donate. Anything that has been worn more than 5 times, something not worth much (less than $5), outdated or often times churches or organizations have donation boxes for those in need (especially in the colder months). See what you can give to those in need, especially if you have duplicates of items.
  4. Repurpose. Are you tired of a certain article of clothing but could possibly be convinced to keep it if it had a facelift? Time to DIY! Add some rips to old jeans, bleach a t-shirt, cut a v-neck, cut a tee into a crop top, stitch some patches on a jean jacket get creative!
  5. Sell anything that has been gently used (under 5 wears) or even something that has been repurposed (see #4). There are a number of ways you can sell: garage sale, Facebook marketplace, Poshmark, ThredUP, Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Craigslist or even on Instagram!

Hope this helps you clear out your closet and just know The Pulse Boutique will be here when you’re ready to fill it back up with some goodies 🙂 Have a great weekend fam!


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