Hostels vs. Airbnb

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We are so excited to share a new travel series with you this month! It’s going to be a versus series comparing different components of traveling. The first one we are putting up against each other is forms of accommodation while traveling. There’s the obvious hotel option that is relatively safe (depending on area, if they stay up to regulations, etc.), but there’s some other options that have become increasingly popular over the years yet still scares some. To help you make the best decision for you, we want to shed some light on the other options – hostels and Airbnb.

If you are used to staying in hotels, then you’d probably ease into hostels well. Hostels are similar to hotels in that there is typically a 24/7 reception desk that checks you in, can store your luggage, give you brochures or tips on what to do/see, etc. Now what turns some people off, is the stigma of sharing a room with strangers…which is sometimes the case but not always! There are some hostels where you share a large room with others, typically in the form of bunk beds, but you can request to stay in an all female “dorm” to make you feel more comfortable. There are also options to rent private rooms, from single to double to triple! So check into that option if you really don’t want share space with strangers. Typically, hostels provide fresh sheets (not always the case so make sure you know for sure before arriving) for you bunk and lockers for your belongings so you don’t have to worry about anyone taking your belongings. Since hostels are essentially community sharing, the bathrooms are similar in fashion…think of a college dorm shower with multiple shower and bathroom stalls (separated by gender of course). One great thing about hostels (besides them being so cheap!) is that they almost always offer a free breakfast! You might have to scramble the eggs yourself, but free nonetheless. A great advantage over hotels, is that hostels usually have a free-range kitchen that you can utilize so you can cook yourself up some pasta or whatever your heart desires! Some even offer cheap dinner meal options so they’ll provide dinner for you. I have also come upon hostels that offer amenities like a gym or a pool – a very nice bonus. Most hostels offer brochures, maps and even walking or bike tours! Bottom line, a great option if you just need simple amenities and are okay sharing some community space.

Our next contender is Airbnbs. These are probably my favorite way to stay in new places! Bnb’s are great because you can find some real gems and unique places that are unlike any hotel. They’re also unique as you get to stay among the locals and see what it’s like to live there. For instance, there’s castles, windmills, air streams, treehouses and so many other cool homes you can stay in! There’s also the typical apartments or homes you can stay in as well. The only thing that makes Airbnbs different, is arranging check-in and check-outs. Sometimes you have to check-in early or you can’t check-out late and you have to coordinate when the owner can meet you to drop off and pick up the keys. Other times, there’s a key box nearby which makes it easier for the check-in and check-out process. Just something to be aware of! The great thing about Airbnb’s is that you get the entire place to yourself (unless you’re just paying for a room in an apartment/house). Most hosts are very gracious and give you the local 411 on what to see and do allowing you get a much better insight into local life. Some hosts will even cook you dinner, show you around town and have a welcome basket of some food essentials. Like hostels though, make sure sheets and towels are provided, because in the rare case, you may need to bring your own. There are thousands upon thousands of places to stay and I’m sure you could find some really cool options. Do some digging and dare to live like the locals ☺️

What are your insights on hostels and Airbnb? Have you stayed in a really unique place? Let us know in the comments below!


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