Hacks: Organization

Welcome back to our final installment of hacks for the month of January!

We maybe should’ve started with this one, but it’s something that can be implemented anytime of year! The New Year just gives a better excuse to really start making changes. Organization can be a tricky thing to set up for yourself, but once you do, it makes your life a MILLION times easier! It’s a concept that can be applied to just about any area of ones life…kitchen, laundry, car, books, closet, toys, movies, really endless possibilities. If you are just jumping on the organization train, welcome, and start off by choosing one area that needs organizing and go from there.

A great starting point you may ask? Well, as we are a boutique, we’re sort of obligated to promote organizing one’s closet 😉 Everyones closet looks different, but there are still tips and tricks that are universal across the board. One starting option is separating your clothes into cold and warm categories. If you have a lot of clothes (like us!!) it can be easier having one season of clothes out at a time. Some prefer to have them all readily available, and that is great too! Next, you’re going to want to separate your clothes into categories…dresses, tops, bottoms, under garments, sweaters, you get the picture! You could go further and begin to color coordinate, grouping tops into multiple color categories, bottoms into leggings, jeans, sweatpants and color coordinate within those categories, whatever your heart desires! Once everything is color coordinated in their respective categories, you could go further and organize tops into sleeve lengths…straps, short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, and long sleeve within each color subcategory. The same could be done for bottoms and their lengths. As for shoes, you could organize from least coverage, to most coverage and heel height! For example, flip flops to flats, flats to booties, booties to riding boots, etc. Same as clothing, you could then color coordinate each sub category of shoes. You can keep doing this with undergarments, socks, scarves, literally anything!

As you can gather from the example above, start with category and break it into sections, and then more and more. However deep into sections you want to go! Organization doesn’t have to be a daunting task, just tackle as much as you can at one time and pick up another when you’re ready. With things organized, it will make it easier on your busy lives to know exactly where things are and can grab and go! What better time to get organized than now!? Be sure to leave a comment on your organization tips! We’re always wanting new and clever ideas ☺️


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