Hacks #3

Happy Saturday Pulse Babes!

We had such great responses from our previous hacks, we’re back with more!

  1. De-fuzz sweater with pumice stone or pill shave but NEVER pull by hand.
  2. Add half cup of distilled white vinegar to final wash cycle to keep jeans from fading in wash!
  3. Break in shoes by wearing socks & blasting with hot blow dryer.
  4. A good rule of thumb is a bra is too small if you can’t fit two fingers under band comfortably.
  5. Remove scratches from leather by rubbing with moisturizer on q-tip until gone!
  6. BONUS!!! Remove water stains from leather by sprtizing mixture of cold water + vinegar and rub gently.

Hope these come in handy 🙂


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