Hacks #2

Hello Pulse Babes!

As promised, we’re back with more hacks!

  1. Make your shirts soft by letting them soak in 1 quart water + half cup of salt for 3 days. Wash as normal.
  2. Restore shine to patent shoes with windex!
  3. Remove smells (vintage, thrift, etc.) by spritzing one part vodka + two parts water mixture.
  4. Sprinkle baby powder to remove oil stains from purse!
  5. Freeze your sweater to stop shedding.
  6. BONUS!!! If you don’t have time to try on jeans, wrap the waistband around your neck – if the two ends touch together (without overlapping or coming up short) they will most likely fit!

What are some of your clothing hacks!? Leave a comment below and share with the Pulse fam!


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