Group travel vs. Solo travel

Happy Thursday!

We hope you are doing well and enjoying our travel series so far! An important factor to consider when it comes to traveling, is if you will be traveling with others in a group or flying solo?? There are pros and cons to both, so let’s explore them, shall we?

Group traveling can be A LOT of fun, like a lot. But only if it’s a group of people you get along with traveling. Many people view traveling differently and can have serious impacts on how your trip goes. Make sure you find some people that you get a long with traveling and can spend a lot of time together without getting annoyed. Groups can work to your advantage in that a lot of places will give you group discounts when it comes to lodging, transportation, tours and food. Another important benefit of traveling in a group is the security it provides – there’s always strength in numbers! However, in groups, you may not always want to do the same thing and that’s ok! Just make sure you use the buddy system when pairing off.

Solo traveling can be a rewarding way to truly test your independence and traveling skills. It’s certainly easier to book a single room or hostel accommodations. As a solo traveler, you have the opportunity to meet other solo travelers leading you to make new friends which is half the fun! In addition, you have the freedom to do, eat, travel, see whatever you want whenever you want! There’s also something really special about experiencing things by yourself, a memory only you will be able able to treasure. Of course, as a solo traveler, you’ll want to remain cautious and alert at all times as there can be higher security risks being alone…just be wise and you will be fine! Enjoy time with yourself and don’t forget to document your experiences to share with others back home!

Have you ever traveled alone? Or done group tours? Let us know in the comments below ☺️


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