Friday Five: Snow day Activities

Thank goodness it’s Friday 🙌🏽

Last fall we went over autumn activities and this winter we wanted to give you all snowday activity ideas! They can be a great way to be productive at home (or be totally lazy), a way to spend time with your kids (if you have them) and even spend some time outdoors if you wanted!

  1. Go sledding, build a snowman, or even just walk around in the fresh snow covered ground! It can be a great way to get outside and hang out with neighbors, kids, and animals just enjoying the beauty and fun snow can provide!
  2. Have a movie marathon! Binge watch rom-coms, cheesy holiday movies, or your favorite tv show…no ones going to judge you!
  3. Get things done that you never seem to have the time to do. Laundry, banking, painting, whatever it may be, do it!
  4. Craft up some artwork if you have kiddos or if you yourself want to indulge in some painting or DIY decorating!
  5. Relax. Probably my favorite thing to do on snow days! Sleep in, take a bubble bath, paint your nails, put a face mask on and burn some candles. Take time to fill your cup back up!

There you have it! What are some activities or traditions you partake on snow days??


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