Winter Warmers

Hello, hello!

As we are well on our through the winter months, it’s time for those of us who live in the colder climates to bundle up while looking fashionable as well😉 I don’t know about you, but I’m an absolute baby when it comes to the cold, I need to be warm at all times! But still managing to look cute at the same time. Here are our top winter warmers to keep you feeling cozy and cute throughout the long, cold, winter season:

  1. Beanies – no only do they keep you noggin warm, they can complete an outfit!
  2. Scarves – so many different colors and pattern ways, you can never have enough! With the endless options, you’re bound to find a complimentary scarf to make an outfit pop while adding an extra layer of warmth.
  3. Boots – ankle booties to riding boots, to over-the-knee boots, these babies not only protect your feet from the frigid ground, but also
  4. Vests – they say if you central body and head are warm, the rest of you will be warm. Enter vests. They keep your central organs well-heated but also make for a great central layering piece.
  5. Drinks – probably my favorite way to stay warm, hot drinks! I’m a sucker for white hot chocolate, eggnog steamers and apple cider. ☕️

What are ways you stay warm in the winter? Any fashion tricks? Drink ideas? Let us know in the comments below💙


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