Day-in-the-life: Pulse HQ

Happy first day of March!

We’re doing something a little different, as we wanted to share with you a little insight onto what happens day-to-day here at the Pulse Boutique HQ. So come along and join us as we walk you through a typical day!

7:00 am- Abby, Megan 1.0, Megan 2.0 arrive at the warehouse to begin processing inventory and returns.

8-9:00 am – everyone else arrives to begin their day. Kirstie edits photographs, Leah responds to comments on Facebook, Alivia works on daily emails, blogs and social media content, Mackenzie puts together new arrivals, Mallory works a little on everything haha, Alan begins pulling orders and making sure the warehouse is running smoothly while Emily and Carol package orders to be sent out.

10:00-2 pm – if it’s a photoshoot day, Mackenzie and Leah get glammed up, steam outfits and head out with Kirstie to the studio to shoot outfits!

12:00 pm – around noon, people start taking lunch breaks. Chit chat with each other about life, run errands and fill up on some yummy food!

3:30 pm – Abby, Emily and Megan 2.0 head out for the day.

4:30 pm – the mailman arrives to pick up packages that need to be sent out.

5:00 pm – we all call it a day and make our way home.

It really kind of varies day-to-day what goes on and we really all work together to help each other out. It’s an amazing place to work and we’re thankful for all of you, because without you, we wouldn’t have jobs! 🤣💖


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