Cruise vs. Resort

How is January already come and gone!? 2019 needs to slow it’s roll . . .

We have a great battle today, cruise vs. resorts – the ultimate relaxation trips. The great thing about both options is that the majority of the planning is done for you, which can be a huge time and stress relief for a lot of people! You simply pick where you want to go, what days, pay it forward, and voila! You are on your way 🙌🏽 Let’s breakdown some differences though . . .

Cruises are a wonderful option if you want to spend some time traveling with a view – the vast ocean. Obviously not a great option if you get seasick, but if that’s not you, you are going to be in for quite the treat! You may spot dolphins, whales and a plethora of other sea creatures. As the cruise ship is your mode of transportation, more than likely, you will get to visit multiple locations and islands. This is great for getting a taste of what each place has to offer and of course giving your sea legs a break 🤣 You are often free to roam around, relax on the beach, explore local cuisine and culture, but just make sure you are back on the boat on time! When you are not wandering around islands, you spend the rest of your time on ship, but there’s still a bunch of activities to keep you entertained! Every ship varies, but many include pools, stimulated surfing, zip lining, casinos, fitness classes, dance parties and SO much more. There’s truly something for everyone – all different ages and genders! And you can’t forget about the on-deck food! There’s often entertainment with dinner meals and various dining options that are also included in your pre-paid fares.

Resorts are not just for newlyweds, they can be for families, seniors, spring-breakers, anyone and everyone would most likely find it enjoyable. Resorts are amazing as you can stay on your private beach without ever having to leave. Most offer planned excursions for an additional price if you do want to spend time exploring the local culture and views. Like cruises, all food and drinks are included in the upfront fee and are delivered to you as you work on your tan. Resorts also offer various forms of entertainment from dance parties (for young children to adults), as well as meal entertainments that can be offered on special evenings. Some other amenities (vary by resort) include gyms, fitness classes, surfing lessons, and other water sport activities. Although some travel is required to get to Cruise docks in America, with most resorts are out of country which might cost you more as you need to fly there.

There are some differences between the two, but really it all comes down to personal preference! You can’t go wrong with either option and are bound to have a trip that truly allows yourself to be carefree. 🛳🌴


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