Closet Essentials

Happy Halloween!!

This Friday we’re going to go over closet essentials. Of course, every closet is different and will vary in terms of what are staple pieces, we get it! We rounded up fives pieces that we think most everyone can resonate with at least one piece. 

Jeans – a pair of blue jeans, black jeans and white jeans please!

Tops – one stripped, one henley, one chambray, one sweater and a plaid piece. 

Dress – little black/white dress anyone? A maxi piece and a jumpsuit number.

Outerwear – one vest, one cardigan, one jean, one leather and one winter jacket for warmth!

Shoes – a pair of sandals, pair of ankle booties, pair of sneakers, flats and a pair of heels. 

There you have it! We’d love to know your closet essentials, leave a comment below! And enjoy this one day of the year where you can step outside the essentials and wear something c r a z y!👻


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