Care for Your Clothes, Shoes & Accessories

Happy Saturday Pulse Babes!

This week we’re coming at ya with a How-To on care for your clothes, shoes and accessories. We have broken it down into a couple of categories to make it easier on you all!


We have shared some hacks on stains, but one common that most every deals with is the dreaded yellow armpits 🙁 Lucky for you we have just the fix!

  1. Mix 1 part dish soap + 2 part hydrogen peroxide + sprinkle of baking soda
  2. Use laundry brush to work mixture into stain
  3. Let treated shirt set for an hour
  4. Wash normally


When it comes to storing, it’s important to keep your clothes, shoes and accessories in a clean, dry area. If possible, keep your items wrapped nicely and stored inside storage bins where bugs, water and dust can’t get to them! Here’s some tips:

  • Set aside seasonal clothing to keep clean, safe and make more room in your closet 😉


Everyone launders differently, some exclusively use hot water, others cold! Of course, we have some tricks that everyone could put to use!

  • Add half cup of distilled white vinegar to final wash cycle to keep jeans from fading in wash
  • Make your shirts soft by letting them soak in 1 quart water + half cup of salt for 3 day. Wash normal
  • Use baby shampoo to wash delicate sweaters (cashmere,etc.)


If you have never jumped on the steaming train, what’s holding you back!? Hand-held steamers are WAY easier than ironing, one being you don’t need a board, you just keep the clothing on the hanger and two being it’s a LOT faster!

  • Fill with water, wait till steam starts to come out & work form top to bottom. Voila!


People have different preferences when it comes to what items to hang and what items to fold, but there are some things that REALLY should be folded and some general rule of thumbs!

  • Fold sweaters/knits instead of hanging them on hangers. Hangers cause sweaters to sag aka stretch WAY too long and get awful hanger marks. Folding sweater solves all of that 🙂
  • Fold jeans, trouser, shorts, t-shirts, knitwear
  • Hang linen, cotton, jackets, blouses

De-tangle Jewelry

I cannot stand when my jewelry gets tangled! Ain’t nobody got time to sit there trying to untangle the snarly beast. There are a couple options to ease the process (lucky for you if you have a baby around..) as well as a bonus hack!

  1. Apply baby oil to knot to make chains slippery. Massage until knot loosens & rinse baby oil off with mild soap.
  2. Sprinkle baby powder on knot & work at pulling chains apart. Rinse baby powder off with mild soap.
  3. Insert a straight pin into center of knot & slowly pull up to separate. May need to repeat for complex knots.
  4. BONUS!!! While traveling, put the chain of your necklace or bracelet through a straw (cut the straw for bracelet) and you won’t have to deal with any gnarly knots 🙂


Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. I truly believe you can never have too many. With many shoes can come many problems like blisters and stinks and I’m here to offer some useful tips!

  • Break in shoes by wearing socks & blasting with hot blow dryer.
  • Never get a blister again: rub clear gel deodorant over area, let dry & slip on. The gel acts as a barrier between shoe and skin!
  • Deodorize: place dry tea bags in shoes OR sprinkle baking soda on soles OR spray inside with 1 part water 1 part white distilled vinegar

I hope you learned some new things that you can put into use! Comment below your how-to’s on caring for clothes, shoes and accessories so we can learn new things as well 🙂


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