Capturing the moment vs. Living in the moment

We have our last and final article for our Versus series, and we thought what better way than to battle the point of your trip – capturing the incredible moments and living in the present moment!? Personally, I have seen both sides of the spectrum, people who would rather not take their phone out and capture every single detail and others who want to remember details and share it with others. I get both sides and think there can be a happy medium to both ☺️

Capturing the moment is an act that your future self will be appreciative of for sure. Being able to reminisce on old memories through photographs or a journal or blog is such a sweet treasure. I personally created a blog over a year ago to document my travels so I wouldn’t forget what I experienced. It’s proven to be very helpful and others have come to enjoy hearing about my travels as well! Taking pictures is just a snapshot in time but tells a million stories and can conjure a number of emotions. At the same time, I have also fallen guilty trying to get the perfect picture that it can sometimes ruin the beauty of the moment.

On the flip side, living in the moment and putting the phone or camera away can help you notice things you might not have with a camera in front of you. In turn, those memories become special just to you, because you aren’t sharing them with the world, and that can be a gem in and of itself! I’ve also found that when I’m not trying to capture things, the moment becomes that much more more enjoyable because I’m fully immersed in it, not thinking about anything else.

There’s truly pros and cons to both side of things and there’s no right or wrong way to go about it! Enjoy your time however you wish, it’s sure to be a memorable one 🌎


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