Camo Cutie

It’s back!

Camouflage is officially creeping back in style, reviving from the early 00’s but this time more in a more chic, polished way. We started to introduce this print to the Pulse at the beginning of summer in the form of tanks and dresses and so many of you loved it!! We also dropped our killer camo pants and slides not that long ago that have also been a huge hit as well. Then we released our pullover and jacket style as well.

Camo is such an easy print to incorporate into one’s wardrobe as it’s essential a neutral color/print. However, you don’t want to overwhelm (or disappear) by wearing too much of this print, so stick to just one piece of camo clothing at a time. Pairing it with other neutral colors such as black, white, grey and olive will compliment the pattern nicely.

Check out our featured items below and share with us how you would style this print!💚

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Kan Can Camo zipper skinnies

Blowfish Fresco Slides

Quarter Zip camo pullover

Killing Time camo knot top

Camo Dreams Flag pocket tank

Can’t See Me Coming camo dress


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