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Happy Thursday Pulse Fam!

We have recommended many places to travel and have given tips on how to pack, what to wear while traveling, but we’ve never touched on how to hit the road or take to the sky! So were going to help break it down for you all.

For starters, you’re going to want to have a destination in mind. Got one? Great. Next you’re going to make you’re way to the Inter-web😊 there are couple sites that are amazing for comparing flights and allows you to filter options such as any layovers, price points, departure time and trip length. A few of our favorite sites include SkycannerSTA Travel and Google Flights. A neat feature if you’re not on a time constraint, is looking at the month as a whole. You can see what prices are each day, when it’s most expensive and least expensive to travel. Upon selecting the best option for you, it takes you to the airlines website to finish booking.

You could also start by booking flights directly from airline websites, but then you’re options are limited. The plus side to booking directly with airlines is if you are a frequent flyer with them and have a rewards and mile program set up with them or a card holder as well. In that case, you could use your saved up miles to book flights and save money in that regards. However, in some cases, you’re still limited when you book with miles as some have blackout dates. Pros and cons to everything!

A new trend that is popping up, is surprise bookings. Sites such as Pack Up and Go, The Vacation Hunt, Surprise Me Trip and Magical Mystery Tours. The concept behind sites such as these, is that you put your price range in, pay upfront and the rest is taken care of! Flight, lodging, etc. You have no idea where you’re going until you get to the airport. Surprise!!


  • Flights are usually cheapest 8 weeks out from the date you want to leave

  • Tuesday/Wednesday nights are the cheapest day of the weeks to book

  • When searching online, make sure your browser is on “Incognito” so that sites can’t track your searches, otherwise you’ll notice when you go back to search flights, prices have gone up. Incognito makes sure that doesn’t happen

  • Watch flights. Sign up for emails 12 weeks out from preferred leave date, in the event that prices change on flights. For 4 weeks, watch the pattern of when prices go up and prices go down. It’ll give you a better idea when 8 weeks out rolls around when the best day and time will be to book.

  • Sign up for flight alerts from sites such as Scott’s Cheap Flights or Next Vacay. Sites like these inform subscribers of cheap round trip flights such as $500 to Australia during October-May or $300 to London. You might find yourself wanting to go on a trip to places you never thought of because of the amazing deals!

So there you have it! Hopefully you learned some tips and tricks Pulse Fam!🗺


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