Be a Tourist in your Hometown

It can be easy traveling to a new city, state, or country and immersing yourself in their culture and vibes. Taking time to learn about their history and trying local things almost becomes a necessity. However, it can be fun being a tourist in your hometown too! We touched on a staycation briefly here. Odds are, there are a bunch of things you haven’t seen or done because you always assume you’ll do it one day, but one day can turn into weeks, months and years before it finally happens! Head to your local tourism office or make a list of places and things you’ve been meaning to see and do and take a day to make it happen ☺️ Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Book a hotel or bed and breakfast. The point of being a tourist in your town is to really be one, and that includes getting out of your place and staying somewhere different. It can be fun checking out the unique lodging options and might even give you a good idea on what to recommend when you have guests come to town.
  2. Sign up for a tour. Your local tourism office most likely has a plethora of tour options available. From architecture tours, history tours, kid-friendly tours – something to suit everyone. They might even be free!
  3. Tourist attractions. What is it about your hometown (or closest metropolis) that people are drawn to? Is it a really tall skyscraper? A river or museum? Take the time to check it out and see what the hype is all about!
  4. Take pictures. A big part of being a tourist is taking pictures! Don’t forget to document the sights and have a good time so the memories will be cherished for decades to come.
  5. Try a new restaurant. Let’s face it, when you live in the area, you’re much more likely to eat at home than at the hip new food joint in town. But you’re a tourist for the day, so indulge in some local delicacies!

There you have it! Have you ever taken time to be a tourist in your own town? Let us know in the comments below the must-see and do attractions there are in your hometown ☺️


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