Backpacking vs. Glamping

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We’re back with the second installment of our traveling “Versus” series! Last week we put hostels and Airbnb up against each other, and this week backpacking and glamping are going head-to-head. They are both extremely different yet both experience more or less the same thing.

Backpacking, a word I’m sure everyone equates to hiking in the mountains, crashing in sleeping bags, trying to fend off bears…haha okay probably not the bears part, but you get the point! To an extent, those are real circumstances that occur while in the wild. It requires a lot of pre-planning, such as what food to bring, cooking utensils, bathroom necessities, sleeping commodities, etc, all while trying not to break your back carrying all of that! One must also be cautious about not loitering or allowing animals to get into food or other things that could harm them, so clean up from a campsite is a MUST. Other things to consider, is if where you’re wanting to backpack is legal and safe to his and set up camp. It’s important to follow regulations, guidelines and respect nature. In addition, one must think about what weather conditions they will be in, if it gets to freezing temperatures in the evening or if theres a chance of rain and to pack accordingly! It can be a lot of fun “roughing” it up for a few days and being in-tuned with nature.

Glamping on the other hand probably brings up ideas of “prissy” camping, which is not entirely the case! Typically, in glamping, it means there are some indulgences of everyday commodities such as running water, toilets, kitchen utilities and even possibly a bed! It’s a more plush way of camping if you’re not comfortable being completley vulnerable in the open wild. Another option for glamping that doesn’t include all those amenities, it simply staying in a van overnight! You can still have a campfire, hike, etc. but have some security and more stable sleeping accommodations in the evening.As always, make sure you are parking in a camper-safe and approved area. As Hannah Montana says, you get the best of both worlds!!

What is your preferred way of backpacking? Staying in the wild or allowing some amenities? Comment below your best/craziest backpacking stories! We’d love to hear 🤩🏕


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