Airport Style

Happy Thursday Pulse Fam!

With the holiday season right around the corner, many will be hitting the road or taking to the sky to connect with friends and family. We’ve become frequent flyers ourselves with all the trips we’ve taken to market and have come up with some go-to comfy chic outfit!

TIP: Avoid wearing a belts, boots, jewelry, anything that will slow down security process. Instead opt for slip on shoes and minimal jewelry

TIP: Comfort is key, so opt for a bralette, comfy shirt and a pair leggings

TIP: Airplanes can be chilly so layer up as to save space in your suitcase – cardigans under jacket, leggings under your pants, etc. and to stay warm!

Outfit Idea

We chose our All Stripes on You jumpsuit with some black leggings underneath to stay warm on the plane. Our Burgundy Essential cardigan is so soft and comfortable! Make sure you pack a scarf as it doubles up as a blanket and pillow!

What’s your best piece of advice for what to wear while traveling?


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