A Weekend Of Pulse Style

Hey gals! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! It was super hot here! (isn’t it always?) On Friday evening we did a mini Pulse Country shoot & we had some super cute goodies! Here is the link to the website, new summer stuff will be posted up this week! ♥ –> www.pulsecountry.com

There were some absolutely adorable pieces that I can’t wait for you all to see! If you don’t have us on snap- be sure to add us too: pulsecountry

Nowww for all the cuteness that went live this weekend!! I wanted to do just one big post and link everything here! I also included todays goodies (we are on a stripes pattern kick as you will see)

First is this striped maxi dress that we had so many screenshots on snapchat of! It has a really cool neckline, and is so soft & lightweight! I think this dress is perfect year round. It can be worn by itself during the warmer months, then great in the colder times with a black cardigan over top! (we will be getting more cardigans here soon!!) I will say that this maxi ran very long!!! If you are shorter,  and are in love with this dress, you could just have it hemmed to the right length & usually it does not cost much. I am 5’5 and I had to wear tall heels with it!

Underneath, you will probably want to wear a strapless bra! If you were wearing something over it though, then you could easily just wear a normal bra. The maxi was not very sheer, but if you wore any bright colored under garments, I feel like it could potentially show. That is why I usually stick to light neutral colors to not risk anything peeking! The fit is true to size, but if you were in between sizes, you could probably go up or down depending on how you wanted it to fit. (a little fitted or roomy) Price is $44.95 & they have been flying out the door so grab yours fast! 🙂

This lace sleeved top is perfect for those of you who like a little more coverage on their arms, but also for those who love lace ♥ This top had a nice flow to it, and the cute lace detail throughout the arms added a nice touch. I am normally a small, and this top was just a hair big, so if you were in between sizes, I feel like you could size down! The lace on the sleeves was not tight either!

The top part of the back has is sheer lace, so definitely stick to either dark colored bras like black (so that is blends) or a neutral color. I did not think that the actual body was sheer though, so you could just wear a bra underneath if you liked, or throw on a black undershirt if you wanted. I think this top would look adorable with these light olive pants, (adds the perfect pop of color) and also these bottoms to really contrast the black, going for a more casual look. There are only a few sizes left in these shoes– but I love this together!

Okay this next top is definitely a big hit here at the warehouse! It has such cute, bell sleeves and the most bold, bright floral print! This had such a flattering fit & I really liked the length on it as well. Perfect summer top! Pairs amazing with these shorts, or if you preferred pants, these bottoms would be just as cute.

I loved that even though it is technically 3/4 sleeve, it is nice and lightweight. I don’t think you would even need an undershirt! It fit very true to size, and so if you were in between sizes, you could go either way depending on fit, once again. (fitted or roomy) Leah rocked this top in a size large, and felt like it was true to size!!

Next is the Bourbon Rose Tank Top that is personally my favorite!! It has cute little poms accenting the edge of the straps, and is the perfect little peplum floral tank. This fit is so popular right now! It has a bit shorter body than normal tanks- so take that into consideration as well. I wore a nude undershirt because I think you would see through otherwise, and it was so nice because the straps were wide so they covered everything!! Even in the back! (at least on me they did- depending on the length of your torso it may lay slightly different. I am 5’5 1/2 for reference)

Super cute paired with these pants or these shorts!!

Lastly is this super fun tropical print tank! If you can’t tell from the pictures, the sides are a tad longer than the body, which in my opinion lays really nicely! It was more sheer, so I just paired a white cami underneath. It ran very true to size, and I felt like it had really good stretch! If you were in between sizes, you could do either up or down, depending on the fit you were wanting! The material feels amazing- & bonus- the tank straps are wide enough you can hide almost all bra or undershirt straps! Yay! That is always super helpful.

I went around the warehouse & found that it paired perfectly with these shorts & also these. There aren’t a whole lot left in them so hopefully grab your size before it’s gone! Only $29.95!


Monday’s Stripes Kick ♥

I love these work friendly, casual striped tees! This first one came in Black & Grey, and I couldn’t tell you my favorite because I liked them both! Haha- per usual. They had more of an oversized fit, so if you liked more fitted pieces, I would recommend sizing down for sure. They were just a tad long on me so I tucked mine in the front to really give the appearance of shorter top/longer legs. They felt like great quality & I also thought that the pre-cuffed sleeves were cute!! I would pair either one with these white shorts (especially the grey top-be sure to tuck them in if you want ) or these pants for a laid back style.

The next one is perfect for those FREEZING offices we seem to be stuck in- like why does it have to be so cold!!!! I really liked the texture of this dolman style top. (dolman meaning more of the sides of the shirt are connected to the arms for a semi-relaxed fit) It was very soft and has the perfect colors for a subtle print work friendly top. It has a slightly ribbed/textured feel to it. Ran true to size, but slightly flowier through armpit area. We paired it with these jeans.

Ran true to size, but if you were in between sizes you could size down!


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